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Mission – To eradicate the psychological, financial, and physical

barriers you have into the world of travel.

What is Black Box?

It’s the recorded, information portal of a plane’s flight path and communications.

That’s exactly what we are bringing to you in NMDN Black Box’s 6 Month Online Course.


NMDN bullet icon6 – Month course that was curated with the users psychological, physical, and financial travel barriers in mind


NMDN bullet iconCrowdsourced travel expertise and insight from the best of the best, of a 13,000+ member international travel community


NMDN bullet iconMonthly courses, broken down into 15 minute (or less) weekly classes


NMDN bullet iconMonthly Live Chats with Black Box Founder, Evita Robinson and other Gatekeepers. Chats will be recorded and saved for those unable to stream in   real time.


NMDN bullet iconReal to life travel scenarios, with real life problem solving insights


NMDN bullet iconRelevant information for newbies, all the way to travel savants, who want to move around the planet smarter and cheaper


NMDN bullet iconDedicated NMDN Black Box Account, to move at your own pace.


NMDN Health 21. Travel Fears & Remedies


Whether it’s the fear of flying, not understanding the language, or tasting new foods, every traveler started with a level of fear. We kick off the Black Box Online experience by acknowledging and working through those fears, while offering over remedies to help every level of traveler get on the

NMDN Style2. Finding Your Travel Style


Backpacker? Luxe Lifestyle? Solo? Group? There’s no single blueprint on how to navigate this world. Learn the benefits of each style with avid travelers who both enjoy and coordinate solo and/or group travel.

NMDN Affordable3. How to Uncover Affordable Travel


So much of travel begins and ends with the budget. It’s where the myth that travel was only for the affluent was birthed. We know that technology, the emergence of sharing economies, and flight glitches have all completely changed the travel game. Learn how to use all the sites and tips to your advantage.


NMDN Travel4. Travel 911


Emergencies happen, both domestic and abroad. There’s no telling when they will strike. The best we all can do, is make sure we are prepared. This class brings together traveling doctors, officials, and survivors to give the most comprehensive advice on what you can do to prepare for travel, and how to create the most ideal outcome on the other side of emergencies abroad.

NMDN Relationships5. Navigating Relationships as a Traveler


Family. Friends. The boyfriend or girlfriend that doesn’t get it. The husband or wife who needs travel in their life. These are various relationships that we all have. The truth is, travel can affect them. Join our relationship expert for tips on how to funnel through the emotions, so that understanding is best met on both sides.

NMDN Health6. Health Abroad

How many of us have let our workout regime and diet fall to the waist side while traveling? In this class, we are giving you quick recipes to bring to the airport as your carry-on companion, hotel workout tips, and ways to keep self care as a priority, even while on vacation.


 NMDN Travel

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6 Month Full Course Buyin:

$74.95   $117.oo

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NMDN Evita

Evita Robinson

@evierobbie / @nomadnesstribe


Evita is most noted for creating the 13,000+ member international travel community, Nomadness Travel Tribe. Through the Tribe, she birthed what is now known as the urban travel movement, creating an entirely new sector in the travel and hospitality industry. She has been written about in the pages of the New York Times, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and more. She’s a travel expert on NYC’s PIX11 and has been a featured guest on MSNBC’s former Melissa Harris Perry Show and various news outlets throughout the country. Evita works as your traveling host through the courses inside our Black Box.

NMDN Gardy

Gardy Guerrier

@iamgvg / @haitigotit


Gardy is a staple in both the New York City and Haitian social scenes. Taking his influence and love of home, he created the tour company Haiti Got It. Through his company, he is able to demystify stereotypes of Haiti and curate one-of-a-kind experiences to the country. The company’s mission is: A vision of Haiti, from a fresh perspective seldom seen. Learn from Gardy’s expertise in our course on ‘Finding Your Travel Style’.

NMDN Jaquy

Jaquy Yngvason




Jaquy is a Holistic Food Healer and Empowerment Coach. She is an expert in all things wellness, studied health at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and plant based nutrition at Cornell. She specializes in helping those with eating disorders and food allergies, but she works with people of all walks of life. Journey with Jaquy as she gives great tips for not losing your diet while on the road, and traveling with health restrictions in our course ‘Health

NMDN Scott

Scott Keyes

@scottmkeyes Scott


Scott Keyes is a travel expert who has lived in four countries and flies over 60,000 miles per year. He has written two books detailing how to find cheap flights and how to take advantage of frequent flyer miles. His travel hacks have been showcased in places like Business Insider, and on his site http://www.flyforfreeguide.com . We look forward to imparting his knowledge to you in our course on ‘How To Uncover Affordable Travel’.

NMDN Tiffany

Tiffany ‘The Budgetnista’ Aliche:



Tiffany’s business motto truly encapsulates her mission. LIVE RICHER: To create a positive and measurable lifestyle shift, through financial education.
Tiffany is one of the country’s top rated financial educators and strategists. Author of two #1 Amazon bestsellers, The One Week Budget and Live Richer Challenge, Tiffany and her financial advice have been featured in The New York Times, Reuters, US News and World Report, the TODAY show, FORBES, and many other outlets. In 2014, Tiffany founded the LIVE RICHER Challenge Movement; a virtual community of over 200,000 thousand women from 100+ countries. This community led to the launch of her online financial academy, the Live Richer Academy.

Tiffany breaks down the money essentials in our course on ‘How To Uncover Affordable Travel’.

NMDN Doctor

Dr. Dafina Good, MD.



Dr. Dafina Good, MD is a traveling lifesaver. Specializing in Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Dafina has taken her expertise to over 50+ countries not only as a caregiver, but also an educator in second and third world countries. Her affinity for children’s healthcare is both gratifying and challenging. This is a woman that is always equipped with the knowledge, tools, and compassion for her patients, regardless of location or circumstance. Dr. Dafina Good, MD has brought her medical expertise to NMDN Black Box by way of our ‘Travel 911’ course, dishing on tips for safety before you head out on a trip, and while abroad.


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